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Replace your used fence Protect your land from intrusions Define a space:

vegetable garden, storage, box, etc. Install a fence that is both resistant and secure In order to harmonize your fence, we offer matching gates.

Our rigid panels are the solution !! The advantages of our rigid panels No maintenance, once installed you have no maintenance to plan, the panels withstand all weather conditions for many years Aesthetics:

Your fence is united and gives a beautiful appearance to your garden, it can be personalized using blackout.

High resistance, unlike flexible mesh, our panels do not deform over time, Ease of installation

With the posts to be sealed, the installation does not require any accessories, the panels are installed one after the other and do not move any more once the base of the post is poured in the concrete, guaranteeing the inviolability of your fence.

The products we offer meet the requirements of condominium and residential property managers.

We guarantee a stock in Ile de France, in order to be responsive by delivering between 24 and 48 hours after your order, up to 100km around our warehouse located in Meaux (77 France).

We are able to deliver to you beyond this area, consult us for more details. We offer a wide range of fence elements:

From 1.03m to 1.93m in several colors and diameters, which allows us to meet a greater number of needs. We can also adapt to your requests for custom panels, gates and gates Meeting your most specific needs is at the heart of our work, so we offer a wide range of colors to customize your fence.

The gates are only sold in addition to closing products and for any request for a gate, please send it to us by email (because we will do this on a case-by-case basis)

Remise sur l’achat de grande quantité

Nous proposons des remises pour tout achat en grande quantité

( 50 mètres linéaires, 100 mètres linéaires, 300 mètres linéaires et +).

Sougo-cloture-ile-de-france installation advice Steps to take before installing your Rigiclo fence:

Make sure that the fence complies with the town planning provisions set by the PLU (Local Urban Planning Plan). Contact the town planning department of your town hall to be informed about the administrative procedures to follow. Please note, some installations may require the submission of a work declaration. If you have not already done so, make a precise demarcation of the land before installing the fence. If you pass on your neighbor's property or on a public road, you may be asked to re-fence. SOUGO specializes in the sale of rigid panel fences used to: fence, separate and protect plots while providing an aesthetic dimension.

Steps to take when installing your fence:

Remember to check the levels and alignment of your posts throughout the installation. For this we recommend that you stretch a line over stakes over the entire area to be fenced. Check that the posts are at the same height and that they are also level. We recommend that you use shims to secure the grid to the post and prevent the elements from moving while the concrete is drying.

The range of Rigiclo rigid panels are fixed by tension on the panels to be sealed, the notches are made for better fixing and 50cm of sealing are provided to pour concrete and permanently fix your fence. If your terrain is uneven, our Rigiclo range allows you to descend in stages and thus adapt to your needs.

In order to facilitate the installation of your fence, the material often used to make the holes for the posts is called an auger, but you do not have to use this machine, the holes can also be made with a spade.


1 Trace the location of the posts and dig the holes in the ground with the auger or spade

2 Position the first 2 posts in their holes

3 Assemble the first panel between the posts, positioning the assembly plumb and level

4 Position the tensioning wedges in order to properly block the grid in the notched posts

5 Pour a little water into the holes to moisten the walls

6 Pour the powdered concrete and add a little water in fine rain

7 Check the levels and adjust the position if necessary (place wedges in the event of wind)

8 Leave to dry for about 20 minutes

9 Mount the 2nd panel on the 3rd post and fit the assembly onto the 2nd post

10 Position the tensioning wedges as before

11 Seal the 3rd post as before.

12 Continue the pose until the end.

If your fence ends on a wall, you can use wall hooks to lock your gate onto it.

If the space does not allow the installation of an entire grid, you will have to cut the panel, be careful to reproduce the notches as on the end of the grid so that it can be blocked on the last post. If you are using wall hangers, there is no need to duplicate the notches. SOUGO specializes in the sale of rigid panel fences used to: fence, separate and protect plots while providing an aesthetic dimension. Our products are available in several ranges intended for several uses: private and professional.